How Will a Car Ionizer Help to Keep the Air Fresh

How Will a Car Ionizer Help to Keep the Air Fresh

The market for air ionizer purifiers has been growing lately, with and more people becoming aware of the presence of various pollutants in enclosed spaces. One form of air ionizer that is currently receiving a lot of attention is the car ionizer. It’s a compact and portable electronic device that is plugged into the cigarette lighter socket of vehicles and is designed to clean the air in small spaces like car cabins.


Car ionizers seem to work like magic, eliminating germs, bacteria, dust mites, allergen, as well as bad odor. But there is actually science behind the many benefits they bring.


So, how exactly does a car ionizer work?


Unlike HEPA air purifiers that filter the air, ionizers emit a large number of negative ions or anions to remove the particles in the air. They operate on the principle of polarity. Negative ions are attracted to positively charged particles, which in this case are air pollutants. The device electrically charges the airborne particles through electrostatic attraction. Then, the particles will be attracted to oppositely charged conductors like the walls and ceilings of the car cabin. They will stick to surfaces and won’t be floating in the air and be inhaled anymore. Because of this, you will often find a dark coat of dust, pollen, on the surfaces inside your vehicle when you use an ionizer.


Is a car ionizer effective?


Many studies have been conducted to research the effectiveness of anions for air purification. The National Health Service (NHS) did research in British hospitals when the number of nosocomial infections increased. They discovered that by installing negative air ionizers, the repeated airborne Acinetobacter infections in a hospital ward did not only decrease but was virtually eliminated. A 2018 review also found that negative air ions effectively remove the particles in the air.


One thing you should take note of is that not all car ionizers are powerful enough to keep the air clean and fresh. If you want a powerful performance, then buy from a good brand.

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