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We purchased 3 Freshair units for our dental clinic as our customers will be super cautious and concerned to visit after the quarantine is lifted. When we tried the machines when it was delivered, we could already feel the instant difference. Now we are advertising in preparation that we are PURIFIED so we will gain the confidence of our regular patrons. I'll post updates when we open.

Dra. Gonzalez
Just wanted to let you know, I have a Beauty Salon in a Retirement Center. Of course we have lots of permanents and sculptured nails, both leave the shop stinky. You introduced me to Freshair I had the unit for three days and when we returned to work it was unbelievable how clean the shop smelled! The clients love the way the shop smells and how fresh every thing is. We love our unit so much we got three more for our home. Thank you for introducing the Fresh Air to me!
Villa Ventura Hairstyles
Our office in Makati has been using the machine for more than 22 years and it unbelievably still works removing odors. Air is fresher than ever after sanitation mode is complete. No filters had to be replaced for the last 22 years according to our boss!!! Sulit!

Maria Cruz of Tramigo Manila Office

No expensive filters to replace on Freshair units.

Eliminate Surface-Bound Germs

To Sanitize, traditional purifiers require the air to go through it and the particles get trapped by the HEPA filter. Unlike them, Freshair blows out the technology to the living space covering more surface area (3,000 sq. ft.).

Our patented PCO cell sanitizes the area safely when turned on – subject to the area size which can be programmed too.

Coverage area of Freshair is 3,000 sq ft.

Eliminate Airborne Germs

Coverage area of Freshair is 3,000 sq ft compared to traditional ones 30sqm.

Sanitizer feature is programmable 30 minutes, 1 hour or 2 hours to kill viruses (room must be unoccupied).

Thunderstorm in a Box

Eliminate Airborne Germs

“Thunderstorm in a Box” our purifiers produce the amazing purification technology of nature indoors.

Technology developed by NASA engineers giving it Space-Age Technology used in the International Space Solution.

Freshair products have been sold since 1985 and endorsed by the Pentagon and NASA.