Benefits of Car Air Purifiers

Benefits of Car Air Purifiers

You have been using air fresheners for your car for a long time. Do you really need to buy car air purifiers? They may be more expensive than the iconic little trees hanging air fresheners, but they are surely more beneficial.


Remove pollutants in the car


Did you know that the air quality in the car cabin is actually five times worse than the air in your home and office? They may not be visible, but various kinds of air pollutants are actually present in your car. Inhaling them can cause harm to your health—which is why having an air freshener is not enough. You need something that will actively remove the dust mites and allergens so you can breathe easier while driving or commuting. This is where a car air purifier comes in. This device that is designed to clean the air in small enclosed spaces, like vehicles.


Eliminate bad odor


Air fresheners do nothing but mask the unpleasant smell in your car. They simply give off some fragrance so you won’t notice the bad odor you are wanting to avoid. In some cases, their lemony and fruity smell might even mix up with the bad odor, making it more difficult to breathe inside the car.


A portable air purifier is definitely better than a freshener. It actually removes the volatile organic compounds (VOC), pet dander, smoke, and other lingering smells.


Doesn’t contain harmful compounds


A lot of air fresheners have VOCs, a type of synthetic chemical that provides a fragrant scent but can be harmful to your health. VOCs can have negative effects on the body. Some people experience nausea and headaches. Not only that—VOCs can also cause serious damage like cancer. The good thing about car air purifiers is that they don’t contain this harmful compound.


Cuts out carbon dioxide


Most people in the Philippines drive with their car windows rolled up all the time, especially in cities where the air is polluted and the temperature is hot. What many people don’t know is that keeping the windows rolled up traps the carbon dioxide that is exhaled by the passengers inside the vehicle. The high concentration of carbon dioxide is the reason why you might feel headaches, drowsiness, and nausea when staying in the car for hours. Air purifiers have HEPA filters, which allow clean air to circulate in the cabin.

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