Why Your Business Needs a Commercial Grade Air Purifier?

Why Your Business Needs a Commercial Grade Air Purifier?

If you are planning to install an air purifier in your business place or factory floor, pick a commercial-grade air purifier to clean and protect the air in a large space. The home air purifiers that we usually see at our homes are designed to clean and purify the air in a smaller indoor environment. Commercial air purifiers are programmed to cover bigger spaces and neutralize many biological and chemical pollutants that cannot be filtered using a conventional residential air purifier.


So, when you look to install an air purifier to give your employees and workers a safe and healthy workplace environment, pick the right commercial air purifier for effective and efficient air filtering. There are many reasons to pick a commercial-grade purifier over a conventional air purifier for offices, hospitals, restaurants, schools, call centers, factory floors, and so on. Let’s discuss some of them.


Size matters


When it comes to picking a commercial-grade air purifier, size matters due to the coverage area and required filtering capacity. You should not expect the similar results you see at your home if you decide to get a home air purifier for a larger office. Commercial air purifiers are custom-made and designed to endure the requirements of a bigger commercial space.


The Fresh Air V2 commercial air purifier from Fresh Air Purification is designed for medium to large indoor commercial spaces for cleaning and protecting the air. You can program it to cover areas up to 3,000 sq. ft. (279 sqm.) to best fit your situation. The commercial air purifier from Fresh Air Purification can also be programmed for 2, 4, or 8 hours and various fan speeds to meet your specific workplace requirements.


More hazardous biological and chemical pollutants


Commercial air purifiers are integrated with more advanced filtration technology in comparison to home air purifiers to clean and remove many harmful biological and chemical pollutants that we usually don’t find in our home’s indoor environment. You will need something for your commercial place that is equipped to deal with chemical and biological pollutants generated by activities and processes in the majority of industrial and commercial buildings.


The fresh Air V2 combines the Carbon Fiber Material with RCI Photocatalytic Oxidation Technology to remove heavy air particulates and chemical odors while reducing the spread of bacteria, viruses, germs, and other allergens from your commercial indoor environment. With a built-in Filter-Less Plasma system, the Fresh Air V2 provides an all-out air purification, even to the complicated places in a commercial building.


These are the key reasons to install a commercial air purifier in a larger workplace for effective and efficient air purification. Contact Fresh Air Purification to know more about commercial-grade purifiers for your business and office environment.

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