How Do Necklace Air Purifiers Work, And Are They Effective?

How Do Necklace Air Purifiers Work, And Are They Effective?

The threat of contracting Covid-19 through inhaled respiratory droplets makes air filtration a prominent concern at present.


However, there are several additional toxins in the air we breathe while we’re outdoors. Bacteria, viruses, animal dander, dust, mites, and pollen are among the biological pollutants in the air. Poor air quality is also a result of smoke, fires, and air pollution, which can have both immediate and long-term health consequences.


People who suffer from asthma or allergies may find poor air quality particularly aggravating. Airborne allergens can aggravate both illnesses.


So, when you’re outside, it’s understandable that you’d want to keep the air around you as clean as possible. But how effective are these wearable air purifiers? Here’s everything you need to know about necklace air purifiers, from how they operate to whether or not they’re safe.


What are Wearable Air Purifiers?


Many devices that you may wear on your body to clean the air around you are available on the market. These are frequently worn as a necklace. The products typically use ionization to clean the air. Moreover, plug-in air purifiers employ the same technique.


How do Wearable Ionic Air Purifiers Work?


An air purifier worn around the neck emits negative ions called Anions into the air to remove contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, pollen, smoke, molds, and dust mites. A coronavirus is a type of virus. Therefore, this air purifier should be able to drive it away as well.


Today, different designs of these purifiers are available in the market. But they are usually small and light enough to wear as necklaces.


Are Wearable Ionic Air Purifiers Effective?


Ionizers are capable of eliminating particles from the air, including viruses such as SARS-CoV-2, which causes Covid-19.


However, because the particles fall out of the air and rest on objects, they remain in your nearby surroundings. As a result, they may be pushed back into the air once they are brushed. Any disruption has the potential to cause re-suspension.


The portability of a small portable gadget may also be its drawback. Due to its tiny size, it may not be able to clean a large amount of air. However, it’s good to know that these devices have no detrimental effects.


The Final Word


Wearable air purifiers can help enhance the quality of the air in your immediate vicinity. This device works to eliminate particles such as dust, pollen, allergens, mold, and smoke.


Although studies have linked ionizing air purifiers to many health benefits, there is still a lack of scientific evidence as to whether or not they protect against Covid-19.


It’s up to you whether you want to buy one. But it is good to know that the necklace air purifier does not pose any health risks.


Ensure you purchase from trustworthy sources since there have been reports of cheaper variants that emit ground buzzes when they touch the skin.