Why should you get a car air purifier?

Why should you get a car air purifier?

The air pollution levels are rising at an alarming rate. So, are you just supposed to shut yourself in your homes? It will not help as people got lives to live, jobs to get to, and places to be at. The majority of working officials have their cars. While you cannot shut the polluted air out of your car when outside, installing a car air purifier is the perfect solution.


The car air purifiers are designed to help you get rid of air pollutants, bacteria in the air, dust, and the harmful components generated within the car. It enables you to have fresh, breathable air that keeps your respiratory system healthy and protects you from airborne diseases. You will be amazed to experience the benefits of car air purifiers. You will be able to judge yourself the before and after air quality when you sit in your car.


Here are some of the reasons that explain why you should get a car air purifier:


Get rid of dust and other allergens


Specks of dust are a major cause of allergic reactions, among mites, and pollens. If you are among those people who easily catch allergic reactions, then putting an air purifier in your car can save you from a lot of trouble by killing up to 99% of all particulate matter. Especially, if you travel with kids or the elderly, who are more sensitive to allergic reactions.


The air purifier eliminates all the air allergens and enables you to breathe cleaner air.


Removes odour


The unpleasant and intensified car odour is not pleasing at all. Its sources are VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from stored fuels and other automotive parts of your car. It can significantly deteriorate the air quality in your car.


With an air purifier in your car, you can get rid of all kinds of unwanted odours and pollutants quickly. It improves your driving experience with clean and breathable air that makes you feel fresh.


Rids air in the car of pollutants


Air pollution has been a serious cause of many health problems and respiratory diseases. It even affects other bodily functions negatively and deteriorates heart health. Air pollutants are in various forms, including solid, liquid, and gas. They contain all sorts of harmful components, which are the root cause of several diseases associated with air pollution.


No one wants to go through the tragic phase of covid-19, which was an airborne virus. The air purifiers are chosen because of their effectiveness in eliminating all of these harmful pollutants, viruses, and bacteria in the air.


Final words


The innovation of car air purifiers enables you to breathe cleaner and fresh air outside your home when in your car. It protects you and your family from harmful pollutants in the air and various diseases. The pet parents are no exception when it comes to the well-being of your loved ones.


The car air purifier rids the air in your car cabin of pet dander, among other harmful components. Being a car owner, investing in a good quality car air purifier is the best deal you can make for a healthier life.

Why You Should Invest in a Car Air Purifier Right Away

Why You Should Invest in a Car Air Purifier Right Away

One thing which is common in all the major cities of the Philippines is pollution. Contributors to poor air quality in the Philipines included the apparel and timber industry, petroleum refineries, vehicle emissions, and waste burning. Do you consider yourself safe when you are traveling in your vehicle? If yes then let us make you aware that you are not. Thus, installing an air purifier can be the best precaution that you can take to protect yourself. More than cleaning the air, an air purifier offers much more. So below we have put together the reasons why you should invest in a car air purifier.


Remove allergens


There are two aspects of allergies, one is when you are sensitive to dust, pollen, or pollutants. Another is you don’t have any issues but your area has polluted air. This polluted air has many contaminants and it can result in allergies. It happens when the body is exposed to pollution for long periods each day.


Reduce respiratory issues


Suffering from respiratory issues can be a great hassle however minimizing the exposure to pollution can really make a difference. Clean and fresh air is all that your respiratory system demands. A good quality car air purifier can eliminate 99% contaminants from the air and enable you to breathe clean air.


Eliminate fatigue


If you notice that you easily get tired and have a high respiratory rate, the poor air quality in your car can be the culprit behind this. Having a car air purifier can solve this issue.


Protect kids


Kids are completely different from adults. They are fragile in terms of biology. They have susceptible metabolism that’s why they tend to develop allergies more often when exposed to pollution. So it is recommended to have a car air purifier when you have kids.


Ensure the good health of the newborn or pregnant woman


Just like the kids, newborns and expecting mothers are also more prone to allergies and respiratory issues due to poor air quality. Many doctors and biologists suggest that the newborn or a fetus is extremely sensitive to the changes in the atmosphere including pollution. Thus, having a car air purifier can ensure the good health of both newborn and pregnant women.


Protects senior member


We all know that the human body faces difficulty functioning after a certain age. Pollution is something that can make the situation even worse. Having the car air purifier ensures the comfort of your beloved elders when they are inside the car.


Clean car


A high level of hygiene inside your car ensures a positive environment by eliminating odors. With a clean atmosphere inside the car, you and everyone else will feel comfortable. That said, having a car air purifier helps make everything even better and ensures that everyone is breathing clean air.


Protection from smoke


Smoke from automobiles and industries aids in air pollution. However, smoking is also a major factor in polluting the air inside the car. So an air purifier can reduce the impact of cigarette smoke to some extent.


Ending note


These were some of the reasons why you should invest in a quality car air purifier right away. If you want to learn more, don’t hesitate to connect with the experts.

Top Reasons to Invest in a Car Purifier Right Now

Top Reasons to Invest in a Car Purifier Right Now

Air pollution is a prominent issue in metro cities, and you cannot do much about it when you are in public places. But when you are on your own inside your car, you can have something like a car air purifier for indoor air purification at your convenience. It is your best solution against air pollution to protect you and your family members from harmful air pollutants and allergies. Different types of pollutions enter inside your car, and you need to keep the cabin air free from those allergens, pollutants, and toxic particles.


So, when you and your family members use a car as a mode of transportation to visit the most urban areas in the city, it’s time to get an air purifier as per your specific situation. There are many reasons you should invest in a quality car air purifier right now to protect everyone from airborne diseases.


You suffer from allergies.


If you have any kind of allergy due to dust, dirt, and other airborne toxic particles, it’s time to get a car air purifier to clean the air inside the cabin.


You have breathing or respiratory issues


If you have respiratory issues or any other breathing problem such as asthma, you need to be careful about air pollution exposure. You are more vulnerable to harmful particles and pollutants and hence keep a car air purifier inside your car for cleaner air.


You have children and newborn babies.


Children and newborn babies are prone and vulnerable to airborne diseases due to pollen and pollution, and you need to protect them from air pollution as much as possible. They can develop allergies to pollutants easily at an early age. To protect them from these, you should immediately get a car air purifier.


You have a pregnant woman in the car.


Like children and newborn babies, you should also protect pregnant women in your car. They can also catch allergies or develop respiratory problems easily when exposed to air pollution. Many doctors believe that a fetus in the womb is super sensitive to air pollution and any changes in the surrounding air, and you should take proper care of it. A home purifier in your home and a car air purifier inside your car make sure that they will be always in a healthy indoor environment.


You have elderly parents.


If you used to travel with your elderly parents who are 60+ years old, you must protect them from poor air quality everywhere. Getting a car air purifier makes sure they travel in a healthy and cleaner environment.


You want protection against smoking


If you are someone who smokes while driving (not recommended) or travel with someone who smokes cigarettes, a car air purifier can protect you from both active and passive smoke.


These are some of the most common reasons you should immediately invest in a car air purifier to keep the cabin air free from air pollutants and harmful allergens. We will highly recommend getting the Fresh air Auto Pure Car Ionizer that removes dust, allergens, pollens, cigarette smoke, airborne bacteria, exhaust fumes, and other toxic pollutants from your car.