Should I Use an Air Purifier For Rest Rooms?

Should I Use an Air Purifier For Rest Rooms?

Except for the restrooms, the air purifiers are used everywhere in the house. Even in the personal rooms of the family members, air purifiers are used. But, no one knows why they aren’t used in restrooms?


It’s because we don’t sleep, eat, or talk and spend long hours in the restrooms. The reason is good, but just one side of the story. It doesn’t matter how long you spend in the restroom; the thing that matters is the quality of the air when you are in the restroom. Also, the condition of the restroom is due to poor air quality.


We will explain the need to invest in an air purifier for restrooms. We hope you understand it’s important in the restroom just like other rooms in your house.


Mold growth– Mold and restrooms are best friends because the latter creates a perfect environment for the growth of the former. In simple words, restrooms are full of moisture and mold needs moisture to grow. Other than this, the mold needs oxygen and dim lights to grow, which are easily available in the restrooms.


As the condition is perfect, the mold reproduces in 24 hours and increases its population. If you or someone in your family is allergic to mold, the condition will become worse as well as lead to a compromised immune system.


Bad odors- No matter what, a restroom cannot smell like your other rooms. This is why you use scented sprays and air fresheners to cover up any odors. But, this is just masking the bad odors and is not a permanent solution.


With an air purifier for restrooms, the bad odor will be effectively removed. It’s because air will be purified and no place will be left for bad odors to stay behind.


Ventilation issues- Rarely, there are restrooms with a ventilation system. Even a fan is installed in the restrooms. Due to poor ventilation, the restrooms turn into a stuffy, foul-smelling, and moldy mess. Even showers, hand washing areas, and toilet flushing give birth to moisture in the restrooms.


 An air purifier purifies the air inside the restrooms and helps in proper ventilation. Without a ventilation system, you will feel ventilated.


Bacteria and germs spread– Along with mold, bacteria and germs are also found in the restrooms in a large number. They enter through different sources and spoil the environment inside the restrooms.


If you use an air purifier for restrooms with an ultraviolet light or H13 HEPA filter or higher, it will effectively eliminate bacteria and germs. It’s said that HEPA filters trap 99.97 % of particles.


What to know before buying an air purifier for restrooms


  • The size of the restroom
  • The level of restroom usage
  • The quality of ventilation in the restroom
  • The types of pollutants present in the restroom


After reading the post, you might have understood that using an air purifier for restrooms is a great idea. It keeps the restrooms fresh and protects you from different health issues.