Freshair K9000 Room Purifier


Freshair K9000 is a compact and high-powered odor-removing, sanitizing filter-less air and surface purifier device that destroys bacteria, germs and viruses at their source while eliminating dust, pollen and 1500 other harmful allergens.

Freshair K9000 is made specifically as a One-Room Air and Surface Purifier of up to 45 sqm.

The K9000 does not just purify the room to give you fresh smelling air, it creates a healthy environment around you by eradicating the threatening pollutants and contaminants that hamper your lifestyle.

This room air purifier is a perfect solution for giving your family a healthy and clean air to breathe. These compact and filter-less air purifiers cleanse the air of all harmful bacteria and virus that are behind many ailments. Irritants like dust, pollen, allergens, dander, smoke and odor can be easily removed by our room air purifiers. Sneezing and coughing will be a thing of the past when your lungs will breathe in air free from pollutants that cause these allergies. This air purifier for a room filters the air you breathe and sanitizes the indoor surfaces by eradicating contaminants like mold.

FreshAir K9000 successfully replicates a green zone inside your house by cleaning the air through a natural process. With its innovative odor-eliminating, pollutant-reducing technologies, your home will feel fresh and rejuvenating. The Space-Age PCO Technology of this air purifier for a room will make your living space a healthy and safe haven for you and your family. The air and surface sanitizer will make your indoors smell clean naturally.

With its remote controlled setting and to the ease with which it can be moved to any desired location, make this air purifier for a room an ideal sanitizing solution for your space. You can target mold and contaminants on the nearby surfaces along with viruses with trace amounts of activated oxygen molecules from the air. Say goodbye now to odors and smoke that make the air indoors unpleasant.

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Single Room Purifier

Fresh Air K9000 is a compact and high-powered odor-removing, sanitizing filter-less air purifier device that mimics Nature’s cleansing powers to destroy Bacteria and Viruses in the Air and Surfaces. The K9000 also eliminates Dust, Pollen, Smoke, Pet Dander and 1500 other harmful contaminants from your breathing area keeping your room Crystal Clear and Mountain-Fresh clean just like Nature.

Made specifically as a One-Room Air and Surface Purifier of up to 45 sqm.

Space-Certified Proven Technologies

Ionization for dust, smoke, odor, pollen, pet dander etc., Plasma to bombard (burst) live microbiological contaminants such as viruses, germs and bacteria and Photo-Oxidation to oxidize (eliminate) the remains of the dead viruses, germs and bacteria that are floating in the air and surfaces.

BONUS FEATURE: A Sani-Booster button, uses Activated Oxygen timed for 2 hours of higher level sanitizing for eliminating mold, tough odors and helps relieve coughing or sneezing.

Compact and Powerful

Thanks to it’s compact dimensions (6.6 x 6.5 x 7 inch), this unit can be placed in any desirable location to target mold and contaminants nearby surfaces, including viruses with trace amounts of activated oxygen molecules, which also eliminates odors and smoke.

FreshAir K9000 successfully recreates the natural process of air purification and adds innovative odor-eliminating, pollutant-reducing technologies, so you may transform your home into one green zone. Built with Space-Age PCO Technology,  this air and surface sanitizer will make your space smell nature clean with the technology of the future! In the box, comes with a remote control besides the built in button controls and operating manual. Extremely low maintenance.

Additional information


45 sqm


100 – 240v AC power adapter

Product Size

6.5" wide x 6.5" high x 7" deep


3 lbs

Sanitizing Technology

Space Age RCI/PCO, Activated Oxygen, Ionization, UVC


21 watts


1 year parts and labor