Freshair Sani-Vator

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Purifying the Elevator Cabin For Passenger Protection

With safety at the core of its values, Freshair presents Sani-Vator – an innovative Filter-less solution that safeguards the hygiene in the Elevator protecting the passenger at all times.

The Sani-Vator Elevator Air Purifier consists of a Space-Age Technology that emits Ionic Plasma in the cabin for clean, safe and uncontaminated air.

This purifier utilizes technology and engineering to offer a safe and protective environment in the Elevator cabin interior up to 10 sqm.



Space-Age Purifier for Elevators in the Philippines

Freshair Sani-Vator is a compact, high-powered Ionizer and Sanitizer that mimics Nature’s cleansing powers to Stop the Spread of Viruses and Harmful Germs. Instantly Purifying the Elevator Cab’s Air and Surfaces without Any Filter Replacements.

The Sani-Vator also eliminates Dust, Pollen, Smoke, Vocs, Volcanic Compounds and many more other harmful contaminants in the breathing area, keeping your Elevator Cab Crystal Clear and Mountain-Fresh clean just like Nature.

Made specifically for Elevators from 5 to 10 sqm.

Space-Certified Proven Technologies

Ionization for dust, smoke, odor, pollen, pet dander etc., Plasma to bombard (burst) live microbiological contaminants such as viruses, germs and bacteria and Oxidation to eliminate the remains of the dead viruses, germs and bacteria that are floating in the air and surfaces.

The Sani-Vator must be wall-mounted, is light-weight and simple to operate.

Compact and Powerful

Thanks to it’s compact dimensions 195 x 100 x 60 mm, this unit can be mounted in the Elevator to target contaminants in the air and surfaces instantly especially when a passenger sneezes or coughs.

Freshair Sani-Vator successfully recreates the natural process of air purification and adds innovative odor-eliminating, pollutant-reducing technologies, so you may transform any elevator into one green zone. Built with Space-Age Ionic Plasma Technology,  this air and surface sanitizer will make any Elevator smell nature clean with the technology of the future! In the box, comes with power adapter (220V) and operating manual. Extremely low maintenance.

Additional information


5 to 10 sqm


DC12V/24V + AC 120/230 V

Product Size

195*100*60 mm


0.3 kg

Sanitizing Technology

Ionic Plasma




1 year parts and labor