How Will A Car Ionizer Help Keep Air in Your Car Fresh?

How Will A Car Ionizer Help Keep Air in Your Car Fresh?

Being on the road means you are more exposed to air pollution, which could end up in your vehicle even when you drive with the windows closed. It’s worse because it would be like being trapped in a place with poor quality air. You may be breathing unsafe air when you smoke or have pets in your car, or when upkeep is poor that your vehicle interior ends up being a breeding ground for mold, dust, bacteria, and pollen. However, there are ways you can keep the air clean, safe, and fresh in your vehicle, and that is by setting up a car ionizer. It is a type of air purifier designed specifically for the indoor environment of your vehicle.


How an ionizer works


A car ionizer generates ions to make filters more effective at trapping contaminants inside the vehicle. It is capable of capturing particles that may be too tiny to filter. At the same time, it is emitting a small amount of ozone to safely kill viruses, germs, and bacteria.


Car ionizers can be a great investment if you smoke inside your vehicle. The ionizer will emit an ozone gas to naturally eliminate odors rather than simply covering them up. Up to 5.6 million negative ions are discharged every time it is used, and they attach to the positively charged allergens and air pollutants to weigh them down, thus, making it hard for them to remain airborne. They also attach themselves to the surfaces in your car.


That said, it’s important to know that a car ionizer is not like an air freshener that works instantly. It will take up to 30 minutes for its full effects to be obvious. That should be enough time for the ozone to eliminate stale odors. However, its effect should be good for five days to a week.


Be sure to get the right product


Look for a two-in-one car ionizer that can purify the air and allow you charge your mobile devices as you drive. It should have an improved electrode design to keep it in place while plugged into the 12V cigarette lighter slot.

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