Elevator Air Purifier: A Must-Have for a Safe Elevator

Elevator Air Purifier: A Must-Have for a Safe Elevator

What is an elevator air purifier


Elevator air purifier, also known as elevator car air sanitizer is a major part of elevator air purification, disinfection, and ventilation system. It is designed with filters including dust filters, carbon filters, and Nano Tio2 filters.


Some units also come with HEPA filters to ensure better performance. Some units come with fans for ventilation purposes. The elevator air purifiers can be installed on the car top while some are of small size and can be installed as wall-mounted or ceiling mounted.


How does the elevator air purifier work


The elevator is a very crucial component of every commercial and residential building. It is a narrow space where infections can be triggered. Installed on the elevator car top, an elevator air purifier is designed for filtration, disinfection, and ventilation. It is highly effective for infection control and prevention.


How to choose the right elevator air purifier for your property


When finding the right elevator air purifier, it is crucial to consider the size, cabinet capacity, and environment. In order to filter 100% purification of the air in a typical elevator cabinet, it requires 15 to 20 cycles per hour or more. The elevator air purifier has to be capable of continuous operation.


ALAP elevator air purifier comes with an auto dust removal function. This helps in high performance 24*7. It comes with a control penal to indicate the status of the elevator air purifier and it can be controlled by a programmable controller.


Importance of air purifiers during the pandemic


Amid the global pandemic, the importance of an elevator air purifier has grown so much. It takes no time for the elevator car to become a breeding ground for harmful germs and microbes. Passengers come in contact with each other in the elevator cars due to buttons, railing, and the door of the elevator. So it is crucial to add the elevator air purifier to the elevator car.


Benefits of elevator air purifier


People love using the elevator air purifier because of its level of hygiene. Many of us ride the elevator multiple times a day. Installing the elevator air purifier can effortlessly eliminate the cross-infection that can cause by sneezing and breathing in the elevator.


Types of purifying process in the elevator air purifier


HEPA filter

This system uses an internal fan to absorb air inside the machine and pass it through the filter. The system captures the pollutants inside and releases the clean breathable air from the other side. It can capture fine pollutants up to 0.3 microns in size.


Activated carbon filter

A carbon filter uses an internal fan to draw and capture the contaminants. This differs from the HEPA filters as it absorbs specific types of pollutants, including odors, gages, and vapors.



The ionizer is a design without filters that works by emitting negatively charged ions from the air that comes with pollutants. Then the particles remain too heavy to remain in the air. However, it is not the best for commercial elevators because these pollutants stay on the ground until they are cleaned up.


Ultraviolet light

This process uses ultraviolet light to eliminate inactive pathogens and microorganisms as they pass through. It is the only system that kills airborne bacteria and viruses. This system is best for small spaces like commercial elevators.


Also, an elevator air purifier can have one or more processes listed above to ensure the best possible environment. If you are keen to know more, feel free to connect with the experts.

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