5 Benefits of Air Purifiers and Humidifiers in the Philippines

5 Benefits of Air Purifiers and Humidifiers in the Philippines

The Philippines ranks 57 out of 98 countries in terms of air quality and pollution. The average PM2.5 concentration in the country’s air is above the World Health Organization’s exposure recommendation, deeming the air quality moderately unsafe.

This doesn’t surprise many Filipinos; after all, the country is known for its heavy traffic, petroleum emissions, and waste burning. To avoid heavy exposure to unclean air, you need an effective air purifier and humidifier in the Philippines.

Here are some of its benefits:


  1. Sanitation:

Air purifiers and humidifiers can eliminate germs on different surfaces. This includes bacteria on your tables, walls, chairs, and even the floor. Air humidifiers have sanitation features that oxidize the air and promote cleanliness in your home.


  1. Sterilization:

You may not see them, but the air is full of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. These germs can linger in your home and cause unpleasant odors. Air purifiers and humidifiers eliminate these airborne particles, effectively sterilizing and controlling bad smells.


  1. Ionization:

Fresh air is a rare commodity in heavily-polluted countries like the Philippines. Fortunately, you still have a chance to breathe fresh air inside your home with an air purifier and humidifier. These machines release negative ions into the air, attracting particles, dust, and dander.


  1. Purification:

Are you prone to experiencing allergic reactions? They might be caused by your pets or the dust mites under your bed. Sweeping or vacuuming is not enough to remove these allergens. The best way is to use an air humidifier with photocatalytic capabilities to promote a cleaner breathing area.


  1. Cost-effectiveness:

High-quality air purifiers and humidifiers in the Philippines are not cheap. However, they prove to be an excellent investment since they protect you from life-threatening health conditions caused by unclean air. It’s better to spend on a purifying machine than to deal with hospital bills in the future.

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