Freshair Filterless Purifiers

The World's Safest Virus Killing Machine

Safe, Proven, Effective & Certified
Filter-less Intelligent system recreates Nature’s Processes Indoors to Purify your Air and Surfaces. Ionizes, Sanitizes, Sterilizes and Purifies all at once without expensive filter replacements for life.

FreshAir purifier
Sars Covid Test
  • Freshair Technology Products Proven to Kill 99.96% of Airborne and 99.98% of Surface SARS-CoV-2
  • Freshair Space Technology is available in five products, allowing you to customize a solution for each room in your house, business or travel.
  • Freshair products are designed to quietly work 24/7 to safely and effectively improve the air and surface quality of your indoor space.


  • Destroys Viruses, Germs and Bacteria in the Air and Surfaces within 30 minutes without any expensive filter replacements for life.
  • Removes Heavy Pollen Particles, Dust, Dirt Flakes, Pet Pander, or any other irritants.
  • Neutralizes Smoke, Various Unpleasant Odors including Chemical, Cigarette Smoke and Kitchen Fumes.
  • Equipped with Sanitation Option that is perfect against
    Mold, Microbes, Mildew and majority of Harmful
    Airborne Germs.
  • Flexible settings, easily customized with the
    help of included remote, or respective buttons
    on the front control panel of the unit.
  • Simple maintenance process & Long lifespan (15-25 yrs)
  • Minimal noise level, almost silent operation.